Friday, 12 December 2008

Move out, again!

One of the worst problems of this over populated small island is the housing, specially in a monocephalic country like Britain where hordes of people flood the main labour centre: London.
London being the biggest city in area and population in western Europe makes it vast concrete titan where one does not want to rot away hoping for the tube to be working nicely just to return to the match box size place called home.
Landlords are nasty creatures every where you go and with a high demand for a place to live they can be quite picky and nasty. Our Landlady is not the exception and for different circumstances we have decided that it is best to leave. Now we have got two months to find a new place to live. Flat hunting is a tiring, boring and frustrating business but I have decided I am not going to get stress about it; not yet, maybe in mid January but not yet.

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John Markh said...

Hey man, I have no idea where you have lived before (you never invided me with "one bottle of Vodka factor"), but Bermondsey is... well Bermondsey!