Monday, 10 March 2008

The Witches

I was highly entertained by The Witches, an amazing piece of work written by Roald Dahl. Before J. K. Rowling invaded the minds of kids with stolen stories, Roald Dahl managed to create amazing pieces of work for children. Quite a few of them have even reached the cinemas as they are quite extraordinary (Matilda, Charlie and the chocolate factory, James and the giant peach).

At some points you actually get to think how twisted his mind should have been, as he was able to create evil characters that were perverse to children and still thousands of kids enjoyed and devoured his books.

It was an easy to read book that teaches children not to trust friendly ladies with gloves and big nostrils as they might be witches. There are in fact 8 things to look for in order to recognise a witch. Also gives the accurate advice to children to avoid having baths very often, as the fresh smell of clean children drives witches mad due to the unbearable fragrance.

A couple of years ago I read also by Roald Dahl two of his autobiographies. Going solo and Boy - Tales of childhood. He narrates his life from his childhood growing up as the son of a Norwegian couple in Wales, going to boarding school, and then, getting a job that allowed him to explore the wilderness of the world. He ended up in Africa when the war exploded were he joined the RAF (Royal AirForce).

If you feel like being entertain by some unconventional easy to read book, pick up one of Dahl's masterpieces.

ps. I have been travelling on trains for 3 hours a day in the last few weeks, that should explain why the latests posts are book related.

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