Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Chinese Cinderella

Continuing with the Chinese series, last night I finished reading 'Chinese Cinderella'. It is an easy to read and touching sort of book. When I read the back cover, I noticed something that caught my attention. The book was written to every one that felt unwanted during their childhood. As my father abandoned my mother when she was pregnant with me I sometimes felt like this in my early years, so that was extra encouragement for me to read this book. I soon discovered that this girl's story was way too sad and different from mine. The book also brings up a complex issue, step parents. Having had a step father myself, I knew what the author felt to some extend and I was very touched by the her feelings. Time seems so slow when you are a child and injustice and unfair situations seem to happen on a daily basis. Very recommended book if you are in the mood for it.

There were 2 other things that I enjoyed from the book. First of all the short explanation on how Chinese characters represent the language, like for example the character for business is the combination of the characters of to buy and to sell. There is a huge theory involved on the way this language is written and I think that also has a big influence in the way people think.
Secondly, the bizarre fact that Cinderella, the story we all know as kids, was written 800 years in China before its first appearance in the West.

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