Friday, 22 February 2008

Wild Swans

Yesterday I finished reading a book called "Wild Swans". It is a thick book that took me a while to finish. At some points I found it over loaded with details but the story is a good seller in these modern times. When I was growing up I was always curious about China. Probably because I enjoyed watching Kung Fu, the tv series, or because the Chinese civilization seemed to me to had been so great and glorious thousands of years ago and suddenly it dimmed out. But mainly because most of the things I got had a label that read "Made in China".

It is the story of a grandmother, a mother and a daughter, it starts in the 1900 and travels all the way up to our times. It went through two world wars, china communist, the great leap forward, the cultural revolution and more than anything Mao. It was very interesting to learn how communism evolved in China and how Mao got to be one of the worst tyrants humanity has seen and yet know so little about. It is unbelievable to think the extend that people's lives were controlled, with the unending self-criticism meetings and Mao influencing people to believe little by little he was a god. It is also very impressive how the power passed on from generation to generation, by punishing the ones that were on power at the time so chaos could not stop. Destruction of spirit and torture power were given to kids so they could get rid of their teachers and other regional leaders. The constant fight to find capitalis-roaders and the total eradication of education made the chinese suffer countless tragedies because of the ideology of only one person.

I wonder if we will always be the puppets of our governments?

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