Monday, 3 December 2007

How many queues to escape from the Island?

Last weekend I went to Italy to pay a short visit to my family. As everyone knows, in Britain people queue for everything! even when there is only one person. So I decided to count the number of queues I had to go through.
1. Getting into Waterloo station (just to the building).
2. Passing the barriers inside the station
3. Getting in the tube.
4. Getting out of the tube.
5. Going up the escalators.
6. Passing the barriers to get out Liverpool St Station.
7. Buying the train ticket.
8. Passing the barriers to go to the train platform.
9. Getting out of the train after it arrived at the airport.
10.Flight check in.
11.Check to ensure you have got a valid boarding pass.
12.Security check for bag and human.
13.Security check only for shoes.
14.Passport check (only applies in few airports)
15.Boarding gate (one of the worst ones as there are people pushing and jumping the queue)
16.Plane stairs.
17.Inside the plane in order to get a seat.
18.Plane has to queue for other planes to take off.
On the other side:
19.Inside the plane in order to get out.
20.Immigration control.

On the way back is even worse, as there is usually more passport control in the place of origin. There is a queue of planes flying around the air waiting for green light to land, and the British immigration queues which due to constant paranoia is divided into sub queues disgustingly long.
In conclusion:
City breaks are tiring!

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