Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Old Grey Island

After taking a flight that got longer due to the spoiled brats that kept screaming and the increasing otitis pain, I managed to get to Madrid airport where I had to wait for a few hours next to excited young Colombians that were going to Britain to learn English. Their emotions remind me of the time when I was in the same situation full of expectations of my fore coming time.
After the expressionless immigration officer I picked up my bags and got on the tube, not before realising that due to planned engineering works 'lets glue this old piece of junk' I would have to take two extra trains plus a bus replacement service to get home.
The next day I woke up a bit late, when I tried to cycle to work I noticed I had a puncture. So decided to take the bus. The bus stop was unusually packed and after seeing 4 buses going by and not stopping I went for the underground. Only then I understood why there were so many people on the buses, the tube was closed because of something. Last resource, walked all the way to work in the middle of the most annoying drizzle ever. Got to work two hours late to face the eternal silence of my colleagues.

And now I just found out that one of my closest friends here in the UK has had enough of the bad food, worse weather, London* and is coming back home to start up a business. You lucky bastard, I will miss you.

Welcome back to the Old Grey Island.

*Taken from the film Snatch.

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