Friday, 6 June 2008

Communism through humour

Waiting for the tube I found a newspaper on the floor and as I had still six fifteen painful minutes for the next train to come (to have an accurate estimate the number that appears in the screen needs to be multiplied 2.5 times) I decided to have a glance at the dusty piece of paper.
It was a scruffy edition of semi right winged FT. The title of the article was, communism through humour, it was about a collection of jokes that people had in ex communist countries as a way of complaining of their situation and also hoping that those minor problems will get solved to reach the real ultimate communist dream.

These are the ones that made me burst out laughing at the tube station looking like the weird eccentric that people walk away from:

How do Russians visit their friends?

In tanks.

This one was said by the same Gorbachev in an interview for the BBC.

There is a line queuing to buy vodka in Moscow; it is two or three kilometres long and the men are really blaming Gorbachev.
One of them says, " I will go to the Kremlin and kill Gorbachev." and he goes. An hour later he comes back. The line has moved on a bit but it is still far from its goal, so they ask him: "did you kill Gorbachev?"
He says, "No, there is a longer queue over there."

And this is the one that made people move 20 metres away from my side:

What is colder in Romania than cold water?

The hot water

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