Monday, 7 April 2008

All creatures great and small

I was a bit sad to finish reading the book 'All creatures great and small' by James Herriot. It is a set of mini real life anecdotes of a graduate vet in the 30's in the Yorkshire Dales. When I first started the book I thought it was going to be one of those books that I have to force myself to read, but very quickly it got lots of momentum and I couldn't stop reading it. It is one of these books that makes you cry and laugh, probably because it targets a topic that most people like: animals.

The book managed to make me remember my childhood and the several school holidays I spent in my grand father's farm. I could just picture the pigs, cows, chickens and dogs being given medicines and the harshness and true heart of the country side people.

There are lots of things I would like to highlight of the book, but one of them that was left in my mind was him being thankful to spring and the lambing season, when he didn't have to rub his arms in freezing water mixed with antiseptic and specially having patients that were not stronger than him.

From a long time I have been wanting to visit York and a bit of the country side of northern England, where people are friendly and there are stunning landscapes. The descriptions that I read in this book have convinced me completely about this and I will definitely be going up north this summer.

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