Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Quick science: Roller coasters and dungeon fear

The interaction between different cultures brings lots of small issues that can always surprise us.

Why is it that on average people in England fear more to go on roller coasters while they laugh at those "houses of horror" while Colombian people are the opposite?

My conclussion is the following:

People here are used to drivers that actually know how to drive, not the ones in Colombia that got their license from a Christmas cracker. Remember those glorious days were bus drivers used to race along the Caracas avenue in Bogota, skipping holes in the ground and trying to over take each other? I could easily fall asleep on those buses.

On the other hand, people back home are used to be scared of other people. Every one wants to mug you, stab you, give you some weird chemical to rob your house or your internal organs. We have fear of each other. We can not stand having people walking close to us or approaching to us.

I wonder if there is a place where people are scared of each other and have decent drivers. Or a place with irresponsable drivers and no fear among the citizens?

ps: I based these generalisations on the people I know. And for the record I try not to use generalisations.


Nicolás said...

I see you have a lot of free time for "deep" thoughts! Don't stop, go ahead ;)

Tanya said...

irresponsible drivers and no fear among citizens: france, spain...
scared of each other and have decent drivers: the states..
and, for the record, some of these deep thoughts are mine!!!