Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Sniff, sniff

It is 12 pm, I can see it coming. Very soon I know it will be here. Again that disgusting smell of food that my workmate brings. Every single day is the same. The worse thing is she knows it is not very considerate with the rest of the people that also happen to work here and as a consequence smell day to day the delicacies of her food. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the good flavour of indian food, its massive variety, the countless number of spices and flavours, the original mixed of herbs and fruit and vegetables that create sauces to lick the plate. But everyday at around midday the intense smell of curry makes me feel like vomit and a huge desire to never eat indian food again and never ever go to India keeps growing.
1. Why doesn't she stop being so cheeky and just eat her food in the kitchen where there are tables?
2. Why do people have to get out of the office as soon as she has her food?
3. Why is the British culture so extremely polite that none dares to say anything to her? Is it because they are scared of getting into discrimination issues? They don't want to have an argument? or is it just me that this horrible smell is affecting?

I can smell it again, the 20 minute daily nightmare has started again.

Stop being so bloody cheeky and eat your lovely smelly food away from the work place!!

1 comment:

Nicolás said...

at least your office don`t smell like a cigarrate like my old one... that can makes you throw up for sure