Sunday, 28 October 2007

A book per month.

Lately I realised again how long it takes me to read a whole book. I started my current book in June and still have 20 pages left. If I finish it in November I will be reading two books per year on average. How disgusting!! It is not that I just don't read anything, I read plenty of articles and blogs and some of the news but sadly the sources of this reading come strictly from the internet. So I am fucking up my eyes in front of a TFT screen and also missing out on the huge array of interesting and entertaining books that exist.
I think one of the roots for this problem is that when I was a child I was given short texts to read, at school as well as in the papers and magazines;
everything was toy-size. So that made me lazy about reading long texts.
I know the custom is to make New Year's Resolutions but I can't wait until next year. My new commitment is to read a book per month. To push myself to achieve this aim I will give a quick review on the book I finished in this blog.
Hopefully this will stop me watching even more Friends episodes, as I have already seen them hundreds of times.

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