Friday, 31 August 2007

Sisters in the UK

Every time I saw something interesting and cool or nice or beautiful I thought of the very special people I wanted to share those experiences with me. At the beginning I used to have a bit of a breakdown for being far from people close to me, but then that sadness turn into a hope that one day they will be able to view, taste, touch and hear the great new things foreign lands have to offer. Finally after different types of complications, documents, patience and money they have arrived in the UK. They have a very busy and tight schedule as that is my way of traveling, doing as much as possible until you get sick of the place. So many things I have planned that I fear the few 10 days of their stay won't be enough.
Brighton Pier, Cambridge punts, Oxford circus, Trafalgar square, King's cross station all those names that they knew only from postcards or the monopoly game will now become alive, of stone and cement. It is not only the ancient buildings but also the whole vibe that can be felt in England that is worth being exposed to. I have always thought London is the most cosmopolitan city on earth, and that in itself is remarkable. They have acknowledged that fact themselves as they said to me: "wow, living in a big city is like a journey full of new adventures". I hope this trip will awake their thirst for exploring and traveling. I feel very glad that they have come here to light up my life and enjoy themselves.

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Nicolás said...

So, you push me to read in English, never mind. I'm looking forward to see the pictures of this adventure, but I know you and I know you don't have them online or I'm wrong? otherwise post the link.