Thursday, 11 June 2009

I'm going slightly mad

He looks the plot, he talks the plot, he acts the plot, but when it comes to the killing . . .

are all decisions made based on selfishness?

scared of solitude, scared of the unknown, scare of autoritarian unfair power

fear of failure or fear of the act of failing

common mistake, not picturing the reality of words, and thoughts.

Make the thought come to reality or make reality adjust to the thought? the system should adapt to people or people should adapt to the system.

I only dream in black and white.

Hay que empezar despacio a deshacer el mundo.

The first step has been taken.

Live your own dream or a paper one.


Tanya said...

Yes it does look like you're going slightly mad.
No du da.

Tuffy said...

You're not alone at all
Welcome to the club
everybody is here
leave all resting sanity out
and embrace your madness with joy =)