Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Happiness when the train gains speed

The train going to Brighton stopped at East Croydon station where a very particular character boarded the carriage we were in. This nice fellow sat in front of us and started speaking out loud and talking to himself. He was worried that the train was very slow and he didn't like that. He kept quiet for some time but then he couldn't stop himself speaking out loud to himself, repeating how the train was slow and then contradicting that statement of worry by saying that it was fine, it is not a big problem. At some moment he started speaking to us and told us a great deal of his life. He was autistic and often gets very depressed with knob head idiots that take the piss off him, rude neighbours or impatient people that are nasty to him.

Also he cries a lot and he thinks that is good. Sometimes he was excited with his conversation and bits of saliva flew over the air. He enjoys karaoke and confessed that lots of times he pretends to be happy in front of other people when he isn't really happy. Near the end of the journey the train speed up quite a lot and I could see a truthful joy drawing in his face. He kept apologising in the middle of his sentences as I assume he usually gets into trouble and people have taught him to apologise for his mistakes.

It is not very often we get a chance to talk to an autistic person, it was amazing to hear the sincere expression of his mind that in a lot of cases is our own thoughts, thoughts that we bury in the "normal" conduct code.

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